Perhaps a bit better for sharpness but there is a small, deep planchet flaw on the head, a shallow one at NE in CONNEC, and two small ones on the globe at the bottom of the reverse. Fortunately the rest of the planchet is smooth and attractive with only trivial chipping in the fields and no notable contact marks. Glossy light to medium brown but dark olive at the three deep voids. Late die state with obvious swelling and strong die clashmarks on both sides (including an incuse 1787 above the head). Struck very slightly off center to the top leaving the bottom of the 87 off the planchet but everything else is complete. Weight 140.4 grains.

Ex Stack’s 6/8/1994:165-Tom Rinaldo 3/22/1996.



Does not include 20% Buyer’s Premium

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