An ET IIB variety. Perhaps a bit better technically but the field behind the portrait is covered with fine carbon and the rest of the planchet is covered with extremely faint granularity that dulls the natural gloss. No planchet flaws or “chipping,” and the only notable marks are two small, parallel nicks on the throat at the jaw. Slightly glossy dark olive brown with lighter brown toning on the devices. The obverse is centered on the planchet; the reverse is off a bit to K-7 leaving the bottom of the date off the planchet. The legends are strong and the ET IIB error is clear, much stronger than usually seen. A decent example of this die-cutter error variety. Weight 140.1 grains.

Ex 1975 EAC Sale, Pine Tree Auctions 2/15/1975:172-Kagin’s 2/12/1987:4214 (both lot tickets included).


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