Sharpness close to mint state but covered with fine roughness. Slightly glossy dark olive brown and reddish chocolate with very shallow greenish patina in protected areas. May be a coin that was rescued from soil, but the surfaces are not too bad and the details are bold. Later die state with swelling in the fields and a strong rim cud over NNE. The obverse is well centered on the planchet allowing the rim cud over NNE to be clearly visible. The reverse is misaligned to K-4.5 leaving a small portion of LIB and 785 to be off the planchet. Everything else is strong. Weight 137.1 grains.

Ex John Carter Brown, Pine Tree Auction Co. 5/1976:502-Bowers & Merena 11/11/1999:48 (in a lot of 3 different varieties).


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