A “STATES UNITED” variety. Slightly sharper but covered with microscopic roughness mostly hidden under the glossy medium brown and darker chocolate toning. The two-tone appearance accents the devices and the eye appeal of this piece is nice in spite of the minor roughness. No verdigris and only minor marks. A small vertical nick on the rim under the N in BUSINESS can help identify this piece. Struck slightly off center to K-1.5 leaving a few design elements off the planchet. The date is strong but most of the legend in the center of the reverse is worn smooth. EDS without any trace of a die crack on the reverse (unknown to Newman without a crack, but the grade makes such a determination uncertain). Weight 136.5 grains.

LOT LISTING https://www.icollector.com/1787-Fugio-Cent-Newman-6-W-R4-G6_i41781463



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