Rather glossy light to medium chocolate brown. The planchet is mostly smooth, especially on the reverse which is nearly flawless, but there is minor granularity in the area before the forehead. Some small nicks are scattered over the obverse, mostly on the portrait. A planchet cutter error created an irregular clip above the back of the head that can easily identify this piece. The attribution was added in white ink before the neck and chin. The bottom of the 87 is off the planchet but the rest of the date is complete and the legends are strong. Certainly among the finer pieces known of the variety. And it comes with a nice provenance. Weight 162.7 grains.

Ex Henry Chapman 6/1889:196 (lot of 16 pieces)-unknown-John J. Ford, Jr., Stack’s 5/10/2005:435 (as “Nearly Extremely Fine”).

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