Finest Known M.33.46-Z.21 Rarity

Attractive glossy light brown with light to medium chocolate brown toning in protected areas. There is a bit of microscopic chipping on the neck and a tiny fissure on the rim at the shoulder of the portrait and the opposing rim at the top of the staff. The planchet is mostly smooth but there are traces of crud or verdigris in protected areas around CONNEC, particularly inside the second C. The reverse is perfectly smooth and choice in every respect. The only notable contact mark is a dull nick at the junction of the neck and bust. The radial die crack between the N & E in CONNEC is light. The obverse is centered on the planchet; the reverse is off slightly to K-7 leaving the bottom of the 1 off the planchet. Everything else is strong. A variety that was missing from the Perkins and Ford collections. Clearly superior to the two examples in the Taylor collection. By far the finest known and a prize for the advanced collector of this series. Weight 138.2 grains.

Ex 1998 ANA Sale, Heritage Auctions, lot 5827-Chris Young (lot ticket included).



Does not include 20% Buyer’s Premium

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