Double Struck. Technically sharper where the designs are properly struck up but there is a dusting of fine carbon in the field before the chin and neck, a collection of tiny fissures on the right side of the obverse, and minor roughness on the right side of the reverse. The only notable contact mark is a fine horizontal scratch through the chest of the seated figure. The obverse details are heavily blunted, as always, showing strong die clashmarks in the fields. The reverse is nicely detailed in the center but relatively weak around the periphery. In addition there is clear doubling on the reverse, strongest along the leg of the seated figure. The date is easily readable but not strong. A decent example of this tough variety. Superior to the Perkins example and a variety that was missing in the Ford collection. Weight 146.3 grains.

Ex 1991 EAC “Midnight Sale,” lot 17.


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