A bit sharper from a technical perspective but there is a dull scratch on the neck, a scuff of dull scratches at the rim near the feet of the seated figure, and faint hairline scratches are hidden in the toning on both sides. Glossy light to medium brown with olive brown in protected areas. The surfaces appear to be smooth to the unaided eye but a glass reveals extremely fine granularity in the fields and protected areas. The bottom of the date is off the planchet, only the top of the 87 remains visible. The legends are clear except for weakness at IN in INDE. Later die state with cud breaks on the obverse plus swelling and die cracks on the reverse. Weight 105.4 grains.

Ex Kagin’s 2/1988:2007-Dave Menchell, 1995 C-4 Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 10/21/1995:186.


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