Extremely Rare M.33.39-Z.20

Very attractive glossy light to medium brown. The surfaces are smooth with only trivial chipping and tiny nicks. The only notable marks are a few light, old vertical scratches that do not break the toning in the field below AUCTO. The obverse is slightly off center to K-4 and the reverse is off a bit to K-5. The bottom of the date is off the planchet but the 178 are easily readable in spite of the die crack that arcs through those numerals. Swelling weakens the RI, colon, and cinquefoil above the face, swelling shows in the field at the neck, and the top of the B in LIB is filled.. A nice example of this extremely rare variety. Superior to the Perkins example; missing from Taylor and Ford. Another important opportunity for the advanced collector. Weight 121.7 grains.

Ex Chris Young.


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