Extremely Rare 1776 Small Date

Glossy medium brown on the devices with chocolate brown toning in the fields and protected areas. The surfaces are mostly smooth with only trivial granularity and traces greenish verdigris in protected areas. The only notable marks are a couple old, light scratches on the right side of the reverse, all blended perfectly into the attractive toning. The obverse is misaligned a bit to K-1.5 while the reverse is nearly centered on the planchet. The small date is clear and all the devices are strong. A curved planchet clip affects some dentils at K-7 and the opposing ones at K-11 (as struck). Later die state with a die crack across the top of the head on the obverse and swelling in the left center of the reverse that weakens the mid-section of Britannia and her outstretched arm. A nice example of this classic and very popular rarity in the Machin’s Mills series of halfpennies. A highlight of this important collection. Weight 115.0 grains.

Ex Tom Rinaldo-Mike Ringo (the famous “Albany Collection”), 2000 C-4 Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 11/18/2000:63 ($7425)

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