Double Struck. Glossy light olive and steel brown. Smooth with just a few trivial planchet flaws including a couple fine laminations that meander through the chest and knees of the seated figure. There is a curved planchet clip off the right shoulder of the portrait that affects the dentils. The only contact marks are a few rim bruises on both sides, mostly on the left side of the reverse. Late die state with die cracks and swelling on both sides. This piece was struck two times with a shift of about two millimeters between the impressions, and neither strike was properly centered on the planchet. The date is weak and the legends are distorted, a result of the double strike. Weight 141.0 grains.

Ex Herbert M. Oechsner, Stack’s 9/8/1988:1135-Robert M. Martin (includes the Martin collection envelope).


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