Technically a bit better but there is a deep fissure on the chest of the seated figure that created a depression at the opposing spot on the obverse at the bottom of the neck. The rest of the planchet is reasonably smooth but there is microscopic roughness around the date and a faint lamination on the bust. Several dull rim nicks or tiny rim bruises at TORI are the only notable contact marks. Frosty light olive and reddish brown. The obverse is slightly off center to K-1 and the reverse is off a bit to K-2. The date and legends are complete although a few letters are tight to the edge. Later die state with obvious swelling at NDE in INDE. Weight 125.1 grains.

Ex Bowers & Merena 5/1995:316-Jeff Rock FPL #11:210.



Does not include 20% Buyer’s Premium

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