Glossy light olive and medium brown blending to darker olive brown in protected areas. This is a variety that must be graded from the reverse; the obverse die is worn out and swollen with little detail remaining. The only notable defects are a dull fissure at the second C in CONNEC and a small fissure on the rim at the A in AUCTORI. Struck slightly off center to K-2 leaving the lower half of the date off the planchet. The rest of the date is clear and the legends are strong. Very late die state with severe swelling on the obverse. A variety that was missing in many of the top collections. Weight 140.7 grains.

Ex Jonathan Kern 11/1988-Dave Menchell, 1995 C-4 Sale, McCawley & Grellman Auctions 10/21/1995:167.


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