Ex William Sleicher, S. H. Chapman 10/9/1919:1001-Henry C. Hines 1944-Dr. William H. Sheldon 1945-T. James Clarke-Carl Wurtzbach, Barney Bluestone 1947 FPL-Barney Bluestone Sale #100, 2/28/1948:452-Dr. William H. Sheldon 4/19/1972-R. E. Naftzger, Jr., 2/23/1992-Eric Streiner-Jay Parrino (The Mint)-Dr. Juan XII Suros Collection, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 2/8/1999:15-Chris McCawley and Tony Terranova-Walter J. Husak, Heritage Auctions 2/15/2008:2277-Douglas F. Bird Collection, Goldbergs 2/16/2020:125-Walter J. Husak Collection

Certificate Number 36439.55/13470624

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