Ex Peter Mougey-William H. Woodin, Thomas L. Elder #43, 9/1/1910:28-Dr. Henry W. Beckwith, S. H. Chapman 4/27/1923:11-Elmer S. Sears-Howard R. Newcomb, J. C. Morgenthau & Co. #458, 2/7/1945:155-Leonard M. Holland, Pennypacker Auction Centre 5/8/1959-C. Douglas Smith-Bertram Cohen 3/30/1985-C. Douglas Smith-Herman Halpern, Stack’s 3/16/1988:132-Roxanne Greenstein 8/25/1988-C. Douglas Smith-Dr. Robert A. Schuman, McCawley & Grellman Auctions/Superior 6/2000:153-Jon A. Boka 10/27/2005-Walter Husak, Heritage Auctions 2/15/2008:2134-Douglas F. Bird Collection, Goldbergs 2/16/2020:49-Walter J. Husak Collection (includes the last lot ticket)

Certificate Number 35981.55/13470581

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