Ex an old collection in Australia-Empire Coin Co. (Q. David Bowers & James F. Ruddy) 6/1965-Eugene Exman-Dorothy I. Paschal (who told Exman she would send him the VF20 Hines-Sheldon-Paschal example as a replacement for his collection but later said she “lost” the coin and forgot about the arrangement; the replacement was never sent)-traded by Paschal to Dr. William H. Sheldon 4/19/1972-R. E. Naftzger, Jr. 2/23/1992-Eric Streiner 1/1993-Tom Morley 10/1993-Dr. Robert A. Schuman 4/21/1995-Dr. Allen Bennett 1/1999-Walter J. Husak, Heritage Auctions 2/15/1008:2037-Jon Alan Boka, Heritage Auctions 9/8/2016:5320-Larry A. Bland Collection, Early Cents Auctions 9/3/2022:511-Walter J. Husak Collection

Certificate Number 35570.50/81233639

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