Lot 356 – 1848 N-2 R1 PCGS MS66BN CAC. EAC MS64

Beautiful lustrous medium brown with a bit of prooflike flash thanks to a fresh die lapping. Generous mint red remains in the fields, about 15-20% overall. No marks or spots detract from either side and the eye appeal is outstanding. Among the finest known of the variety and has more mint red than the Naftzger coin that was called MS65 and finest known. One could make a case for a Gem grade for the present coin. M-LDS (c).

Lot 345 – 1843 N-10 R3 PCGS MS66BN. EAC MS63

Petite Head, Small Letters. A newly discovered example that sits right up among the finest known of the variety. Intense cartwheel luster and significant remaining mint red account for the lofty grade awarded by PCGS. The obverse is light olive brown with at least 10% original red while the reverse is at least 75% red, only toned on the highpoints. The only marks are a little scratch at star 4 and a fainter hairline inside stars 2-3. EDS (a).

Lot 262 – 1822 N-14 R6+ G4

Certainly not the prettiest cent in this sale but will be one of the most hotly contested nevertheless. One of the Big 3 middle date varieties along with 1825 N-5 and 1834 N-7 and missing from many advanced collections. VG7 detail, two strong scratches on the obverse and lots of little hits around the rims on both sides. Slightly granular dark olive surfaces.

Lot 250 – 1820/19 N-3 R2 PCGS MS64BN. EAC MS63

Small Overdate. A dazzling mint state cent with bold cartwheel luster and lots of mint red - about 15% on the obverse and over 90% on the reverse. Where toned, the color is an attractive dark chocolate with blue overtones. Only minor abrasions, none too distracting - tiny scratches at stars 7-8, scratch at O of ONE and faint hairline above. Several mint state coins are known of the variety, including some partially red ones, but the present piece is still a strong contender for a top 6 condition census. EDS.

Lot 229 – 1816 N-6 R2 MS60

Choice lustrous medium brown with bluish-steel overtones and traces of faded mint red in a few of the reverse letters. A lovely cent with extremely well-preserved surfaces, a little scratch on the cheek is the only thing to note. Called AU in the past but the surfaces are fully lustrous and we see no trace of wear. E-MDS and shows the curious “edge reeding” seen on some of this variety outside stars 3-7. Ex Lester Merkin 2/1969 - R.E. Naftzger, Jr., 1985 EAC Sale, lot 313 - Stu Hodge, 2004 EAC Sale, lot 316 - Tom Reynolds 11/18/2004 - Bryan Yamasaki.

Lot 189 – 1800 S-209 R3 PCGS AU55. EAC AU50

Slightly lustrous dark chocolate brown surfaces with no marks of consequence and just a dusting of trivial roughness at the lower reverse. Hardly any wear, just a bit softly struck at the bust tip and opposing reverse. MDS, Breen III. A beautiful, condition census example with desirable old provenance. Ex T. Harrison Garrett - Robert Garrett 1919 - John Work Garrett, Bowers & Ruddy 11/1979, lot 97 - Dr. Thomas S. Chalkley, Superior 1/1990, lot 408 - Robinson S. Brown, Jr., Superior 1/1996, lot 292 - Wes Rasmussen - Al Boka, Heritage 9/2011, lot 3016 - Terry Denman.

Lot 141 – 1795 S-76b R1 XF40

Plain Edge. Beautiful light brown surfaces, essentially flawless, just lightly worn. There are a few spots of brick red tone on each side, most notably off the cap, but not a trace of roughness. Nicely struck on a totally problem-free planchet. EDS. Fabulous quality and eye appeal. Ex Tom Reynolds 11/21/2003 - Bryan Yamasaki.

Lot 130 – 1794 S-48 R5 PCGS VF detail. EAC G4

Starred Reverse. Always an exciting offering when an example of this storied large cent variety comes up for sale. One hasn’t graced the pages of our EAC Sales in over 10 years. This piece is at least F15 in terms of the amount of wear received, but the definition is softened by porosity covering the fields and devices on each side, a bit heavier on the reverse than the obverse. The rough reverse surface doesn’t preclude fairly clear stars in the dentils from 5 to 10 o’clock though. Fortunately there are no marks or other damage to affect the appearance besides the roughness. Steel brown in color with some blue overtones. S-48s are cherished in all grades from basal state to the finest known XF and this one will no doubt find a loving home, though not before some good competition. Ex John Wright - Skip Pelletier.

Lot 121 – 1794 S-33 R5+ PCGS G06. EAC G5

An exciting, recently discovered example of this coveted ’94 variety. Very appealing look for the grade thanks to the light brown color and lack of marks. Surfaces a little dull from light, even microporosity, but not rough enough to warrant a qualifier from PCGS. Adding to its appeal is the late die state, and has a strong enough reverse to display all 6 “wheelspokes” well. Will make a proud addition to an advanced 1794 collection. Only 6 graded at PCGS for the variety.

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